beat the heat! velcro rollers are a great no heat styling option for hot summer days

velcro rollers are a great no heat styling tool for creating volume and loose waves while keeping frizz to a minimum. velcro rollers add minimal time to your morning routine, stick to the hair without pins (hooray for no clip marks!) and are fairly gentle to hair if used correctly (i.e. pull them out gently)
here are our 4 tips to a perfect velcro roller style:
1. apply a texture spray to your roots ( shu uemura liquid fabric is our fave! ) and a shine serum on your ends ( kerastase chroma riche ) then blow dry hair thoroughly with fingers
2. separate hair into small sections and roll velcro rollers to scalp
smaller sections=better adhesion to your hair
3. leave rollers in for about 20 minutes (perfect amount of time to apply make up, get dressed, check facebook and drink your latte) and then carefully unroll
4.  apply styling cream or a texturizing cream (shu uemura yokan craft is the bomb) to the ends for more definition and spritz with a finishing spray (kerastase control ultime) 
voila! guaranteed to make your co workers mistake you for bridgette bardot

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