mom’s house makeover

as a predominantly women based industry, we know how much moms often put others before themselves. that is why we chose to donate our time to give a make over to a deserving, single mother from mom’s house, which is a facility that provides totally free childcare to single parents¬†wishing to continue their education. amber shader, photographer extraordinaire, started with us early to get the “before” shot, and stayed around to shoot the transformation. holly and the salon 828 team spent a fun-filled day with mary giving her the full court treatment starting with a mimosa!

holly started with a consultation with mary about her hair and what would look best for her color and style. we changed mary’s bleached out highlights to more of a butterscotch tone, to make her roots in between her color appointments grow out a little easier. next, she decided to make her cut softer with face framing layers and a side swept bang to camouflage her tiny broken hairs on her hairline due to hormonal changes after her baby. it is always amazing to see how much a different tone in hair color can brighten skin! after hair, mary went to houppette for her make up and peter kate for a new outfit. amber shader photography documented the day.¬†

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